Cue up to the World 8-Ball Pool Championships 2007 in Fujairah

  • Championship date : 1st -8th March 2007
  • Venue : Fujairah Bustan Centre
  • The Championships will take place with the support of Sheikh Saleh Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Chairman of Department of Industry & Economy.
  • The International Pool (Billiard) Federation will supervise and organize the Championship which is perceived as the most important on the federation agenda.


Chairman’s Message

The world's leading pool players will once again touch down in Fujairah to take on the elite of the Emirates with each player focussing his skill and expertise on winning the prestigious World 8-ball Championship from 1st - 8th March 2007.

The event, which is now in its third year in Fujairah, is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Saleh Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi and is sanctioned by the World Pool Billiard Association.

Last year's youngest champion Chia-Ching Wu from the Taiwan took on fellow Vander Berg from Holland in front of a packed venue and the Wu the wonder boy win the top prize. The event was broadcast throughout the Arab world and accross Europe with a combined TV audience of 10,000,000 offering sponsor's great exposure both locally, regionally and internationality.

It was not just TV that great publicity was gained, however, as media partnerships in print and radio proved to be strong mediums for promoting the tournament and the sponsors out in the public domain.

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in this exciting opportunity and to join in supporting this prestigious event.

H.H.Sheikh Saleh Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi
Chairman of Dept. of Industry & Economy
Sponsor's Provoleges.


WPA Board of Directors Message

On behalf of the WPA Board of Directors, we are delighted to be back in the warm and friendly atmosphere of Fujairah, one of the seven United Arab Emirates, once again playing our World 8-Ball Championship.

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Saleh Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi and with a brand new venue, we have no doubt that the event will be a great success. It is equally satisfying to know that Damas is again the major sponsor, and their support together with that of all other sponsors is greatly appreciated. We will certainly have great global representation, with more than twenty five countries being represented from a field of sixty four players. At our last World 8-Ball Championship, we witnessed a couple of outstanding performances by local players, with one of them reaching the quarter finals. I look forward to perhaps further improvement this year.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Ahmed Ibrahim and his dedicated team for their tireless efforts in making this event happen. There is a tremendous amount of effort required to stage a major event like this, and we are fortunate to have people of this professional quality and expertise organising on our behalf. The people who give so generously of their time to help out as officials and do such a great job, thank you. To Michaela and her team of referees, also a big thank you. Together, you all do so well under all conditions. For all the people who attend this event, I trust you enjoy watching the best players in the world executing their vast skills whilst competing at the highest level.

Finally, to all the players, good luck and I wish each and everyone the very best. Some of you have travelled far to be here, I trust you enjoy the Championship.

WPA President



Sunday, March 4th, 2007:


Darren Appleton (GBR) def Olaf Köster (GER) 8-3

Marcus Chamat (SWE) def Saleem Al Juneebi (UAE) 8-3

Ralf Souquet (GER) def Jobert Panga (PHI) 8-2

Hisashi Kusano (JPN) def Mohammed Asim (IND) 8-5

Fabio Petroni (ITA) def Joybe Vincente (PHI) 8-3

Efren Reyes (PHI) def Bashar Hussein (QAT) 8-5

Muhammed Benali (QAT) def Zbyniek Vaic (RSA) 8-2


Rizandro Arrieta (VEN) def Mubarak Al Juneebi (UAE) 8-6

Jason Klatt (CAN) def Kareem Al Gendi (EGY) 8-2

Naif Al Jeweni (KSA) def Thomas Damm (GER) 8-4

Thomas Engert (GER) def Günter Geisen (GER) 8-1

Mario Tolentino (PHI) def Nasser Al Mujebel (KUW) 8-3

Joven Bustamante (PHI) def Oliver Ortmann (GER) 8-3

Thorsten Hohmann (GER) def Henrik Asperup (DEN) 8-3


Kevin Becker (GER) def Alex Evreniadis (AUS) 8-4

Lee Vann Corteza (PHI) def Issa Al Boloshi (UAE) 8-1

Satoshi Kawabata (JPN) def Hani Al Howri (UAE) 8-1

Ben Nunan (AUS) def Joven Alba (PHI) 8-4

James Ortega (PHI) def Karl Boyes (GBR) 8-6


Ralf Souquet (GER) def Saleem Al Juneebi (UAE) 8-1

Muhammed Benali (QAT) def Bashar Hussein (QAT) 8-2

Joybe Vincente (PHI) def Rizandro Arrieta (VEN) 8-2

Hisashi Kusano (JPN) def Olaf Köster (GER) 8-4

Alexander Dremsizis (GER) def Aki Heiskanen (FIN) 8-6


Friday, March 2nd, 2007


Group A:

Chia-Ching Wu (TPE) def Carlos Alburez (GUA) 8-0

Thomas Damm (GER) def Kareem Al Gendi (EGY) 8-0

Jason Klatt (CAN) def Saeed Al Mutawe (UAE) 8-3

Elvis Calasang (PHI) def Naif Al Jeweni (KSA) 8-2


Group B:

Thomas Engert (GER) def Nasser Al Mujabal (KUW) 8-1

Goran Mladenovic (SCG) def Omran Salem (UAE) 8-1

Mario Tolentino (PHI) def Mohammed Aseel (EGY) 8-7 Niels Feijen (NED) def Günter Geisen (GER) 8-2 Group C: Thorsten Hohmann (GER) def Joven Bustamante (PHI) 8-6 Serge Das (BEL) def Roberto Freitas (ANT) 8-2 Farhad Shaverdi (IRA) def Henrik Asperup (DEN) 8-7

Oliver Ortmann (GER) def Muhammed Al Hosani (UAE) 8-2


Group D:

Hui-Kai Hsia (TPE) def Kevin Becker (GER) 8-4

Alec Evriniadis (AUS) def Omar Al Serkal (UAE) 8-7

Nick van den Berg (NED) def Issa Al Boloshi (UAE) 8-4


Group E:

Ronnie Alcano (PHI) def Rafath Habib (IND) 8-3

Joven Alba (PHI) def Hani AL Howri (UAE) 8-4

Erik Hjorleifson (CAN) def Ben Nunan (AUS) 8-6

Swatoshi Kawabata (JPN) def Arif Allah (PAK) 8-3


Group F:

Dennis Orcollo (PHI) def Karl Boyes (GBR) 8-3

Francisco Bustamante (PHI) def Alexander Dremsizis (GER) 8-1

Aki Heiskanen (FIN) def Naoyuki Ohi (JPN) 8-4

James Ortega (PHI) def Saleh Al Rimawi (UAE) 8-5


Group G:

Marcus Chamat (SWE) def Hisashi Kusano (JPN) 8-2

Darren Appleton (GBR) def Ralf Souquet (GER) 8-4

Olaf Köster (GER) def Jobert Panga (PHI) 8-7


Group H:

Joybe Vincente (PHI) def Muhammed Benali (QAT) 8-3

Bashar Hussein (QAT) def Mubarak Al Juneebi (UAE) 8-2


Saturday, March 3, 2007


Fabio Petroni (ITA) v Zbyniek Vaic (RSA) 8-2

Michael Felder (AUT) v Lee Vann Corteza (PHI) 2-8

Saleem Al Juneebi (UAE) v Mohammed Asim (IND) 8-5

Rizandro Arrieta (VEN) v Efren Reyes (PHI) 2-8

Chia-Ching Wu (TPE) v Thomas Damm (GER) 8-6

Jason Klatt (CAN) v Elvis Calasang (PHI) 3-8

Carlos Alburez (GUA) v Kareem Al Gendi (EGY) 0-8



Saeed Al Mutawe (UAE) v Naif Al Jeweni (KSA) 3-8

Thomas Engert (GER) v Goran Mladenovic (SCG) 3 -8

Mario Tolentino (PHI) v Niels Feijen (NED) 4-8

Nasser Al Mujebel (KUW) v Omran Salem (UAE) 8-3

Mohammed Aseel (EGY) v Günter Geisen (GER) 5-8

Thorsten Hohmann (GER) v Serge Das (BEL) 4-8

Farhad Shaverdi (IRA) v Oliver Ortmann (GER) 8-7



Joven Bustamante (PHI) v Roberto Freitas (ANT) 8-2

Henrik Asperup (DEN) v Muhammed Al Hosani (UAE) 8-2

Hui-Kai Hsia (TPE) v Lee Vann Corteza (PHI) 8-3

Alec Evreniadis (AUS) v Nick v.d. Berg (NED) 0-8

Kevin Becker (GER) v Michael Felder (AUT) 8-5

Omar El Serkal (UAE) v Issa Al Boloshi (UAE) 3-8

Ronnie Alcano (PHI) v Joven Alba (PHI) 8-6



Table 1: Erik Hjorleifson (CAN) v Satoshi Kawabata (JPN) 8-5

Table 2: Rafath Habib (IND) v Hani Al Howri (UAE) 4-8

Table 3: Ben Nunan (AUS) v Arif Allah (PAK) 8-2

Table 4: Dennis Orcollo (PHI) v Aki Heiskanen (FIN) 8-2

Table 5: James Ortega (PHI) v Francisco Bustamante (PHI) 5-8

Table 6: Karl Boyes (GBR) v Naoyuki Ohi (JPN) 8-5

Table 7: Salah AL Rimawi (UAE) v Alexander Dremsizis (GER) 3-8