June 23, 2014


There’s an Eight Ball Championship Coming Near You

Eight ball pool is an extremely popular game and is played professionally around the world. As well as regular professional tournaments there are also world championship tournaments played regularly.

Championships are played under the World Standardized Rules (“American style”) eight ball. The championships are sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association.

Why not watch this brilliant vision from the 2013 World Eight Ball Championships.

Over the last few years championships have been held in a number of different countries including the United Arab Emirates. The championships have been won by players from many countries, but particularly from the Philippines.

Of course there are always a number of different titles available in the world Championships in tissue is no different. Full details of the upcoming World Eightball Championships can be found on the website of the world eight ball pool Federation at http://www.wepf.org/

Enthusiasts can read details in the online magazine at http://issuu.com/ukpooltour/docs/magazine_ed_7_v_inner_pages_layout_

As we write the world championships are underway, having started several days ago. There’s many different divisions including men’s, ladies, seniors, under 21s and wheelchair. There are teams as well is individual events. Continue reading…

June 20, 2014


Love To Play 8 Ball But Can’t Get Out?

Why not play 8 ball online?

Eight Ball is one of the world’s most popular games, in fact many think that Eight Ball Pool is the world’s most popular table game. There’s no doubt that it is played by millions of people around the world with thousands of different eightball leagues, championships and tables.online

If you love playing pool you can almost be guaranteed to find a pool table in a venue near you.

However since the arrival of the Internet the opportunities to play eightball have increased dramatically. Of course you can always head down to your local venue, pick up a pool cue, find a table and join in the game. But if you can’t do that there’s other ways you can play eightball.

Like with thousands of other games eightball has gone online.

Of course one way to get involved in eightball online is to head over to YoyTube and take a look at some of the brilliant eightball videos available on you tube. We’ve already posted one of the great videos here of the 2013 eightball world championships, however you can spend hours and hours watching some of the brilliant videos on YouTube.

Once you’ve got tired of watching the videos on you Tube, if you ever get tired, you can play eightball online. One of the best places to do this is at http://www.miniclip.com/games/8-ball-pool-multiplayer/en/

It’s surprisingly effective. You are presented with an online table with a standard eightball set up, and play against other players on that table. You drag the queue, with your mouse, let go the mouse to strike the cue ball and, hopefully pocket your ball. Continue reading…

June 18, 2014


What’s The Difference Between Eight Ball And Blackball Pool?

8 ball poolEight Ball Pool is a pool game which is popular throughout the world, however has a couple of different variations as well as a number of different names. It can be called eightball, solids and stripes, bigs and littles or highs and lows. And in the US it can even be known by some local names like Alabama eightball, last pocket, rotation eightball, crazy eight, misery and a lot more.

Eight Ball is technically the American style of the game, and there is also a standardised version which is much more commonly played worldwide and in particular in the UK called Blackball pool.table

The game is played on a pool table which is traditionally smaller than a standard full sized billiards table, with the common table size being 9 ft x 4.5 ft.

However as with a billiards table there are six pockets.

The game is played with sixteen balls, one of which is the striker white ball or cue ball and the remaining fifteen are numbered striped or solid balls. Seven are solid coloured balls, seven are striped balls and one is the number eight black ball.

The first recording in the US of a similar game was around 1908. The game was invented by the Brunswick Balke Collender Company and was therefore called BBC Co Pool. The game was initially played with seven yellow and seven red balls together with a black ball and a cue ball, however these have now become the stripes and solid balls much more commonly used now. Continue reading…

September 14, 2014


The Importance of Outdoor Sports (Like Kayak Fishing) For 8 Ball Pool Players

During 8 Ball World Pool championships and tournaments, it’s very likely that you’re going to be spending a lot of your time within the confines of the pool halls, either practicing or competing. Chances are you will also be traveling back and forth from one tournament to another. This is why it would be wise to get out every once in a while so as to experience nature and participate in some of the outdoor activities as they have been proven to have a lot of benefits.

These are indeed the kind of benefits that can work in your favor once you go back to compete. Despite there being a lot of different outdoor activities, one of the best is kayak fishing. Some of the key benefits that you are bound to benefit from taking part in this sport on your days off include:

  • Physiological - Taking part in outdoor sporting activities like fishing helps in improving one’s physical abilities. This is in terms of one becoming a lot fit, flexible and gaining more muscle strength more so from paddling. The whole experience will as a result improve your chest, shoulder, back and arms muscles and this is bound to come in handy later on while competing.
  • Mental - Kayaking alongside other outdoor sporting activities helps in boosting one’s mood hence reducing the levels of stress, tension, depression or anxiety if any. By making you less anxious or depressed, you’ll end up having better self-esteem and self-worth thus become motivated. This will later on be reflected once you go back to the 8 Ball and World pool halls for you’ll have higher concentration levels as well as optimism to win.
  • Psychological - The first thing that you’ll experience once you step into nature is a breath of cool, fresh and clean air that will instantly make you feel relaxed. Then, since you won’t be doing this all by yourself, you’ll get an opportunity to meet a few new people whom you can chat with hence give you a chance to release the tension that you may be holding inside. To fully experience these benefits, it’s wise to bring a fellow player(s) along.
  • Additional Benefits - Getting out of your busy schedule and participating in some outdoor sport is further guaranteed to not only supply you with abundant amount of Vitamin D (which helps in prevent cancer and other critical illnesses) but also help in improving the quality of your sleep. The sleep is definitely going to be much deeper, longer and better. This kind of sleep leads to one being more alert, having more energy and feeling rejuvenated come the next day hence being able to boost their cognitive function as well as become more competitive.

Keep in mind that you will need to spend some money and get a good quality fishing kayak but it’s worth it. You are a champion after all, and getting the best kayak is what you are all about. Just make sure you read a few reviews before pulling the trigger.

These benefits make it clear that a little time off from the tournaments and the championships can really do you some good. It’s hence clear that it’s not just about how good you are or how much time you spend practicing, but rather, how well rejuvenated your physical, mental and social state is.

Other outdoor sporting activities that can do you some good include taking walks, going for a run, playing golf, swimming or even hiking.

September 10, 2014


Car Insurance Tips for Pro 8 Ball Pool Players Traveling from One Tournament to Another

The Pro 8 Ball Pool tournaments are exciting, thrilling and with a lot of cash up for grabs. However, it requires a lot of travelling from one location to another, meaning that this could largely impact on the premiums you will have to pay. So I compiled a list of simple tips that a champion like you can implement quite easily for your car insurance besides the usual online comparison you should already be doing to get your motor insurance quotes.

  • Take advantage of multi-policy discounts – A lot of car insurers offer discounts if one decides to take both motor cover and renters/homeowners insurance with them. In fact, having both of these policies from two separate insurers will cost more but once you combine them, you are likely to save up to 10% on your insurance.
  • Be a good driver by obeying the law – Good drivers pay a lot less than careless drivers. If you have a clean driving record such that you have never been involved in an accident or got arrested for violating traffic laws, then, it would be wise to share this with your insurers so as to save you money, especially now that you’ll be spending some time on the road.
  • Choose a middle-level car – Cars that are expensive, hard to maintain, expensive to repair and a magnet for thieves are most definitely going to attract higher premiums. As such, it’s best that you choose a mid-level car that’s just good for the road. So instead of going on these tournaments on a sports car, opt for a sedan.This will see you save a lot of cash.
  • Raise the deductible – There being lots of not so good drivers on the road, accidents are bound to happen. One way that could see you saving on your car insurance is by raising the amount of deductible being paid, so as to enable you pay less premiums. This is because the higher the amount of deductible being paid, the lower the premiums.
  • Drop any unnecessary coverage – If your car isn’t of much value such that there isn’t much that needs to be protected, then, there’s no use having it get certain coverages such as comprehensive and collision covers. This is because these coverage costs are bound to be more than the benefits.
  • Ask for discounts – Different insurance companies’ offer discounts for various reasons but most especially, if one has installed safety or monitoring devices in their car. Examples of these safety devices include air bags, anti-theft devices, working seat belts, a spare tire and anti-lock brakes. If your car is well maintained and has all of these, this could save you lots of cash in the long run.
  • Analyze and present your credit rating – Some insurance companies offer discounted premiums to drivers who have a good credit record. This can come in handy especially if your driving record isn’t that good.
  • Take accident prevention training – In case your insurance provider offers discounts to drivers who have taken a driver’s education training course, and you already have taken the course, then let them know.
  • Choose the best payment plan – Paying annual or bi-annual premiums instead of monthly payments is bound to attract a discount. If you can afford it, pay it all at once.

By following these simple money saving tips, you’ll realize just how easy you can drive long distances without being made to dig deeper into your pocket and thus letting you keep more of your winning from the tournaments for a rainy day. As you never know when trauma can strike.

September 8, 2014


Best 8 Ball Pool Android Games

Everyone likes to play games on their mobile as it can take up a little bit of your time and give you some pleasure. There are many games to choose from on your android phone but 8 ball pool is certainly one of the best. There are many different versions which you can play of the game and it is very addictive and is one of the more enjoyable uses of your time. Here are 5 of the most popular games:

8 Ball pool

This is perhaps one of the more classic versions of the game and certainly one of the most conventional. It is very old-school with the graphics and all the features of the game but it is easy to play and quite appealing as well with its simplicity and charm. You still have the option to play against friends and unlock challenges and so forth but the game-play is very realistic and works well with a bigger screen on your phone. You can challenge people from all over the world which is another attractive feature of this game.

Pool Billiards Pro

This is a nice game and the graphics on this are very good and certainly something which add to the appeal of playing it. This is quite a new game and has some good technological features like the 3D ball animation and again it gives you the opportunity to play against your friends and do other such things. There are a wide variety of types of tables that you can play on and you can also opt to go on career mode, which has many challenges which will excite you. This and other 8 pool games can be installed for free by visiting Google Play Store. In case you don’t have account there, you can install them manually by downloading an APK file from apkfreedownload.org.

Pool 8 Ball Shooter

One feature of this game is that it is very colourful and has plenty which will interest and excite you. It is quite visually appealing which adds to the appeal of the game. The game is very versatile and has a lot going for it. There is puzzle mode, which has over 500 different puzzles. There is also arcade mode which allows you to play slightly more quickly and is more of a challenge. There are over 500 levels to choose from as well. Essentially, this game is very adaptable and will appeal to a large range of people.

Pool Live Tour

This is quite an innovative game which really allows you to play pool quite realistically. There is no simulation involved here- the game relies on the natural touch of the player- so it is like you are actually playing pool. You can also perform trick shots by moving your finger in a certain way, which is a function which not all pool games have. Furthermore, you can also play against other players in a multi-player modality of play which allows you to have a lot of fun and get those competitive instincts going. This is a very interesting game which certainly allows you to have a lot of fun and excitement.

Pool Ball Classic

The graphics on this game are very nice and it is very conventional with the blue baize of the pool table and the brightly coloured balls. It is very authentic and again gives you some realistic game-play. There is some nice background music which is available on this device and it certainly sets the tone for a relaxed game and gets you in a nice vibe to play pool. It is almost like you are playing pool with your mates in a bar somewhere whilst having a few beers. The option to play against your friends is there of course, although playing this game with an alcoholic beverage is another matter altogether.

September 5, 2014


Tips For Traveling To Watch 8 Ball Pool Championships

Travelling to any destination, whether exotic or close by is considered a way to unwind and to take a break from the madness of everyday life. Time off is needed to replenish our strength and revive our bodies. For those of us who just love being on the road and being a spectator at 8 ball pool championships, there’s no time like the present to attend! Get your pique and cue ready.

Championship tournaments happen worldwide for instance in Japan, France and the States. In the next few months the championship tournament calendar is riddled with events in America and the UK. Take that vacation and enjoy the beauty of the game…live! This could be a chance for you to mingle with a few of the experts as well as hone your skills for the next tournament.

UK Pool Tours

If you have been following the UK tour and have never gotten a chance to actually be at any of the tournaments this is your chance. The fourth tour of the season will be happening at the Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire, England from the 5th until the 7th of September 2014.
You only need around $1000 to enjoy yourself in England. (With my medical coder salary, I could save that up in a couple weeks!). Accommodation and food are inexpensive. There are various B&Bs and self-catering places to rent. Goleicestershire.com makes your stay in the town enjoyable before setting foot there as it allows you to plan itineraries and trails to take when events of the day come to an end.

American Pool Tours

Championships happening in America are packed and occur within a few weeks of each other. The earliest is the Seven State Pool Championship happening in Minnesota. Held at the Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel in the small town of Morton from the 21st until the 23rd of November 2014, the River Valley community has an abundance of natural beauty year round.

There are about 9 things you can do in the town that won’t hurt your pocket. Yes, 9! You can visit historic sites, like the Harkin Store. It’s a late-19th century-style general store. The inventory on store shelves is from the last supply shipment the store received before it went out of business. Or take a scenic drive at the Garvin Heights Park. You are set to love the breathtaking views of surrounding parks.

After the Minnesota championships, the next one happens in January in South Dakota. Held at the Ramkota Inn in Sioux Falls from the 16th until the 18th of January 2015, better have your mitts and earmuffs ready to beat the chill.

As a traveler to the state the first place to see, when contestants polish their pique and cues, is the Falls of the Big Sioux River. This historic landmark has been the centre of recreation and industry since the founding of the city in 1856. Too bad you couldn’t leave enough time to hang a trail camera and bag a deer!

Eightball pool championships harbor an electrifying atmosphere. You need to experience it personally in order to absorb it all. Exploring and uncovering the beauty of our land is an adventure fit for all ages. What better way to discover the world than by also watching your favorite sport and cheering on your best contestant? That’s killing two birds with one stone!

September 2, 2014


I’m A Forklift Driver But I’m Quitting To Go To The Pool Championships

I’m a forklift driver. I know it’s not the most glamorous of occupations and I know I don’t earn as much money as I should if I did something else. However I got a forklift licence as soon as I came out of school and have spent my entire working life working as a forklift driver for the same company.

As soon as I came out of school I needed to earn money. My family had no money to support me and so it was either get a job or starve. We certainly couldn’t afford for me to go to college and study so I looked around for something that I could do to earn money straight away.

I knew one of the local companies was looking for forklift drivers so I applied for and did a forklift licence training course to qualify for my forklift licence at http://forklifttrainingaustralia.com/

The forklift training course is only a short course and once you are qualified you get a licence straight away and can be working at the end of the week if you can find a job as a driver.

Before I took the forklift training course I asked the company offering the job if it would employ me once I had my licence and they said they would. They were as good as their word and employed me the following week and I have worked there ever since.

Life isn’t bad as a forklift driver. Whilst it’s a little boring at times driving forklifts it’s a job and the company pays me regularly and without any problems. I’ve worked for them now for over ten years and have always appreciated the fact that they have employed me.

Unfortunately being a forklift driver doesn’t pay very well and as I’ve said on this site before I’ll be needing a loan to visit the next pool Championships.

But as you know and as I’ve discussed before I am a Pool fanatic. Despite the fact that it will cost me my job I’ve decided that I will be visiting the next Pool Championships.

I have been practising the game of Pool for many years and whilst I’m not an expert and not up to professional standards yet I am extremely close and a very competent player. Deep down inside me I believe that I can become a professional Pool player however I need to learn some more tactics and I need to know more about what is involved turning professional.

One of my biggest hopes is that when I visit the Pool Championships I will be able to talk to some of the players. I would love to get their advice on the best path to take to turning professional. I’m sure there are some important things to know about being a professional Pool player and if I can get a moment or 2 to talk to them I think they would be able to help me.

Because whilst I’m a good Pool player I know there is more to turning professional than just being a good Pool player.

Why will it cost me my forklift driving job?

I’ve spoken to my employer about taking off the few weeks when I’ll be going to the Pool Championships. Unfortunately it falls right in the middle of their busiest period and they have told me that they will not give me any time off. They use every driver they have during the busy period and to be one driver down will cause all sorts of problems they tell me. They have advised me that if I wish to take that time off I will need to leave so that they can look for somebody else to employ in my place.

I’ve thought long and hard about this. I have stable regular employment but I also have a dream to turn professional as a Pool player. If it’s going to take the loss of my job driving forklifts to give me the opportunity to learn what I need to learn to turn professional then I’ll take it.

I’ve explained this to my employer and they understand, and of course there’s always the possibility that if I can’t turn professional they will reemploy me. But for the moment my job will be gone.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all goes, I’ll keep you posted.

August 16, 2014


Learn more about 8 Ball Pool – my favorite sport!

Eight ball pool is one of the world’s most popular games. In fact, I would say it is the most popular table game in the world. This is because it is played by millions of individuals globally with thousands of 8ball championships, leagues, and tables.

I used to admire watching people play pool but I was never good at it. I could see the angles where I was supposed to hit the balls but I was never able to execute them properly. This was so frustrating for me because I usually believe in myself and I felt I could be fairy competitive. Fortunately, 8ball pool came to my aid and made me feel better since it honed by skills and I can now see angles clearly even in a visual pool table.

More about 8ball pool
As the name suggests, this game is about playing rounds of 8 balls. The rules are simple and easy to follow even for beginners who are not familiar with the game. There are tutorials offered to help players master the game and later players are set free to compete online with random players, or with friends from Facebook or Miniclip account. The good thing is that even if you do not have Facebook or Miniclip account, you can still play online. I love playing with new people and so I rarely use these accounts and it has been very fun. I love playing with people who are real, who can think and make mistakes as well.

How to play
This game is played with a cue ball and 15 object balls that are numbered 1 to 15. One player should pocket the balls of group numbered 1 to 7 while the other player as the balls numbered 9 to 15. The player pocketing either group first and then pocket the 8ball legally wins the game. Poker chips are the currency used in the game and as a player you have to sacrifice some of your chips to be able to play. Winners take a pot and get an opportunity to play in higher stakes competitions.

One thing I love about this game is that it helps line up my shots with the use of trajectory lines. Simple single touch controls are used to move your cue stick around to be able to line up every shot. Lines usually appear to tell you where the cue ball will go and how it will recoil off the targeted ball. This feature can be helpful to those who are like me, who can see angles but are unable to execute the shots. But wait…before we proceed, do you suffer from discolored teeth? Well, I once suffered from the same but that is now history. I visited fastwhiteteeth.org
and I was able to find the best whitening toothpaste and now I can smile broadly.

8ball pool championships
Championships are played under world standardized rules eight ball and are sanctioned by the world pool billiard association. I used to hear of 8ball pool championships but I never went to see one. This year I decided to travel to Beijing to watch 2014 world pool championship, while one of the team was aiming at making history and the other on aiming at pleasing the legions of their fellow citizens, the china II team won defeating a less than sharp Philippines 4-2. The travel was fun but encountered chest congestion which almost spoil my fun moments. But I find a good relief method here and I was able to get helpful information on how to get rid of chest congestion.

It was fun watching the match getting tight down to the very last 10-ball match and if it were not for some few mistakes from the “never say die” Philippines, the match could have gone the other way. All in all, I enjoyed watching the game and I think I can represent my dear country in the near future.

Overall, 8ball pool is a fun and simple virtual pool game that every individual can play. With the right internet connection you can get hours of friendly and entertaining competition.

August 16, 2014


My First 8 Ball Pool Championship

Today was my day of redemption. My first 8 Ball Pool championship happened today and I prepared for it for months. See it all started a year ago. My mortgage rates went up, my bills became heavy, and I started going into debt. That’s when I decided that I was going to make my dream a reality. I set out to train to become one of the best pool players I knew, and use my skills to work my way out of debt. This is how it all started.

This road began when I lost my job. My work announced that they were going to be making cutbacks. I found out that I was going to be one of the ones let go in the downsizing of the company. I was crushed and severely stressed about my financial situation.

A month prior to losing my job, my bank increased the rates of my mortgage. With losing my job and my mortgage rates going up, I began to spiral in deeper and deeper into depression. My mind was flooded with negative thoughts and emotions, I had no motivation to do anything, and I found myself drinking to ease my pain. Then I read a Spanish book I had and I found inspiration in the next paragraph:

La vida es el conjunto de oportunidades a las cuales le podemos sacar el mejor provecho. Muchas veces no nos damos cuentas que las cosas más pequeñas siempre tienen un sentido o una razón de existir. Hay muchas veces que no vemos hacia dónde caminamos y nos sentimos perdidos. La vida tiene soluciones para muchos de los problemas. Hay veces que necesitamos dinero y no sabemos cómo resolver nuestras deudas o peor aún dónde conseguir información sobre dinero rápido para solucionar nuestros problemas financieros. La clave esta en utilizar tus talentos.

Translation: Life can be described as the group of opportunities where we can enjoy the most. Many times we don’t realize that every little thing in this life has a meaning. Sometimes we lose ourselves and we feel lost. Life has a solution for many problems. There are going to be times where we won’t know how to solve our debts or find information to solve our financial problems. The key to overcome these obstacles is using your talents.

So that was the key to start solving my problems – using my talents. One day while drinking at the pool hall, I began playing pool better than I had ever played before. I was making shots left and right. Other pool players at the pool hall began gathering around my table to watch me play. This was one of the first moments in a long time that I had felt joy and pride. It was then, at that very moment, that I decided I was going to train and compete in the next 8 ball pool championship.

For months I trained hard to win my first 8 ball pool championship. I did a bit of hustling as well to stay afloat with my bills. After countless hours with a pool stick in my hand, I had finally made it. The championship arrived and I was ready to compete. I swept through all of my opponents and brought home the winner’s purse. My finances are now back in order and I am ready to press onto my next championship! My dreams came true and I am now a professional pool player.

August 16, 2014


Nutritional tips for competing players on the road

8-ball players around the globe are in full-swing travel mode as the 2014 8-ball pool championship circuit picks up momentum. Competing can be a full-time gig in itself, so it’s important for athletes to take care of their health as they would at any other time.

If there’s anything an athlete would like to squeeze into their carry-on, between their favorite pool shoes and wrinkled sweats, it would be a kitchen.

It’s easy to stay in a nutritional routine when enjoying the convenience of home, with produce from the organic grocery store tucked away in the refrigerator and the oven slowly baking chicken to the perfect temperature. However, as you’re not likely to experience such luxury when being out of your regular zone, so let’s take a look at how an athlete can take care of their most important asset – themselves – while still enjoying life on the move.


1. Stay Hydrated

This is, of course, a crucial necessity whether you’re resting at home or hitting the track. Sadly, it’s easy to forget this simple lifesaver when in the midst of traveling, as you’re too worried about your flight landing on time and if you remembered to pack extra socks. It’s always a good idea to keep a reusable water bottle at your side, no matter where you are.


2. Research Hotel Amenities

Does your hotel room come with a mini-fridge? Perfect, you can jog right down to the closest grocery store where some fresh vegetables and fruit are waiting for you. Is that a tiny microwave sitting idly next to the overused Mr. Coffee? I’m sure those prepackaged healthy lunches will serve you well, though be sure to read the label carefully, as many can be deceiving.


3. Explore Nearby Eateries

There’s a pretty good chance that you have access to the internet, either on a laptop or smartphone. If so, you have a plethora of information at your disposal and it can be used to research what kind of restaurants are in the area. You can avoid the unhealthy ones, book a reservation at the safe one, and note where there is, at the very least, one decent choice on the menu when you go out celebrating your expected success.


4. Avoid Gratuitous Indulgence

It’s easy to go overboard when traveling, as you have the allure of novel restaurants closing in around you at an alarming rate. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to give in, if only a little. Traveling for a competition or event doesn’t negate the fact that you are somewhere that you’ve likely never been before and the desire to have fun outside the arena is perfectly understandable. You’ll want to limit this endeavor, however, as it’s easy to compromise your diet when unrestrained. Try to stick to the healthier dishes and beverages, and if you’re feeling a bit too tempted, remember the nice vegetables waiting for you in the mini-fridge.


5. Carry a compact blender or juicer

Its easy to forgo nutrition while on the road, and health eating habits that you practice while at home can become impossible to maintain. Its important to upkeep your levels of fruits and veggies, but sourcing fresh produce and carrying it around with you can be a nightmare. A great idea is to carry a small blender of juicer machine with you, which will make a simple task of maintaining your nutrient levels. Quality is everything here, so make sure you read through reviews of the best juicers or blenders on a juicer comparison website to make sure you choose the right one.

6. Pack a Healthy Snack

An emergency (yet healthy) snack is crucial to your survival when away from home, as a strange craving for everything new and unhealthy is bound to arise the moment you step off of the plane. Ensuring that your secret stash of almonds is tucked away safely will bring your mind – and your wallet – peace.

So there you have it, implementing a the above steps will help you have a successful year in 2014, and beyond. By staying hydrated, doing a little local research, avoiding indulgence, packing a compact juicer/blender (such as this one) and health snacks, you will boost your energy levels and mind clarity, and be on your way to the top of the ladder.

August 16, 2014


I’ve Decided To Go To The Next 8 Ball Pool Championships

Whilst I love playing 8 ball pool I recognize that I’m not very good at it, I just love it. And almost as much fun as playing 8 Ball pool is watching the pros play it. So I’ve decided that when the next pool championship comes along I’m going to go and watch.

8 Ball pool seems to be a very simple game on the face of it. Knock a few balls into a few holes and you’re good. It can’t be all that difficult can it?

However it’s sad to say that it is all that difficult and I’m not particularly good. Whilst I’ve got my own table at home and spend plenty of time practising I don’t seem to be able to improve very much.

However I’ve been getting a few tips by watching some of the pool Championships on the television. The level at which the pros play is so far beyond anything I can play at.

So I’ve decided that the next pool championship is for me. I’m going to go, stay for the entire championship and watch every single round and learn as much as I can.

I haven’t yet decided which championship go to. One of the issues from me is cost, because it’s not all that cheap travelling and of course when you get to a championship you have to buy daily tickets to watch the games. I suspect need to borrow a little money, which might be a problem because my credit score isn’t very good.

I recently took out a small installment loan for bad credit at http://www.installmentloansguide.com/installment-loans-for-bad-credit/ and managed to get the loan successfully, so hopefully I’ll be able to borrow a little more when the time comes to attend the championship.

And I think that once I come home it’s time for me to start making a little more effort to save as much money as I can. I know my credit score is very poor and so it’s time for me to start doing whatever I can to save money and improve my credit.

But I know I can’t save enough money to afford to go to the next championship so it will be one more small loan.

Hopefully I can find a high-class pool championship summer in the US. Travelling overseas will be seriously expensive and of course there’s all sorts of issues with changing money, paying for accommodation, foreign languages and so on. I’d much prefer to visit a pool Championships held somewhere in the US because I think it would be cheaper and easier to get to and accommodation would be easier.

I don’t know how much I will learn about playing 8 Ball pool. I’d like to think that after spending a week or so watching the pros playing I’ll be a much better player myself but I don’t know whether or not it will happen like that.

I don’t know that I will be able to shoot any straighter after watching the games however I do think it’s possible that I will learn some new techniques that I’d not thought about before. There’s a whole raft of pool techniques which I didn’t know about until recently when I purchased a book about playing 8 Ball pool, and I’ve been fascinated to read more about pool techniques.

But whether or not I come back as a better player it will certainly be a whole heap of fun.

August 16, 2014


How Trauma Insurance Helped A Fellow 8 Ball Champion Cover His Living Expenses

Ever since I was a little boy, I was fascinated at how good my friend Joe was playing pool. He could play a whole different range of shots with relative ease and when he wasn’t beating players to the ground, he would show off his skills with the stick to all of us. His hard work and training eventually paid off as he got a shot at the big leagues and was selected for the local 8 Ball Pool championship circuit.

8 Ball Pool

For years I had seen Joe play pool, but the first time when I heard about 8 ball pool I had to admit that I was a bit confused and couldn’t help myself from showering Joe with questions on it. Without losing his patience for even a second, he sat down with me and explained to me the entire concept of 8 ball pool.

From what I understood, 8 ball pool was another form of pool. But had to be played on a smaller pool table with six pockets. On the table, there are 15 balls out of which 7 balls are striped and 7 balls are of solid color, a solid black 8 ball and a solid white cue ball. The game starts with one player starting the break and is assigned either striped or solid colored balls depending on the ball which he has pocketed.

For example, if I were to start with a break and pocketed a solid ball then I would be assigned the solid color. In case there is no pocket with the break shot, the person making the first pocket shot will be assigned the ball he pockets. Once the balls are assigned to the players, the aim of the game is to quickly pocket all balls assigned to them and finally pocket the 8 ball in a pocket called by the player. Who ever pockets all the balls along with the 8 ball, wins.

When Cancer Struck

As Joe participated in the 8 ball pool championship for the first time, he invited us all to come over and watch him play. Before you knew it, he had won more championships than anyone I knew and I became his manager. It was just like a dream, we got to travel all over the world, play in high end places and win tons of money. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better disaster struck, as Joe got diagnosed with prostate cancer.

When Joe got diagnosed with prostate cancer, we were all in a state of shock. We had no idea of what was going to happen and the treatment itself would cost a fortune. We were up against time, things quickly went from bad to worse in a matter of months and before you knew it, Joe was unable to play or even stand up for that matter. I did everything possible to get his condition treated and I was told that his condition was curable as it was caught in an early stage. But I knew that by the time Joe would get cured, all of his money would be blown away and making a comeback would be that much more difficult. One day I was sitting by the pool thinking what to do, Joe’s wife came in and handed me a letter addressed to Joe by an insurance company (something I wished she shared with me earlier!)

When Trauma Insurance Came Through

When I started reading the letter, my initial reaction was complete silence. According to the letter, Joe had been putting away a lot of money on trauma insurance and funeral insurance just in case something was ever to happen to him, and he contacted the insurance agency along with all supporting documents as soon as he got to know about his condition. The insurance agency had verified his case and sent him a good amount of money to see him through his course of absence from professional 8 ball pool, giving him ample time to recover.

All throughout his professional career I did ask Joe several times why was he spending so much money on these policies, but Joe never really spoke to me about his insurance investments. After all, I was his friend and professional manager not his financial consultant. I felt that he deserved privacy, which is why I never pushed him too far with my questions.

I would have to admit, that even though trauma cover is the most expensive insurance available today, something I learn from australiantraumainsurance.com, without it we would have been completely dry on funds. And without the assistance from this critical illness insurance, it would have been almost impossible to make it through the tough times and make a comeback on the 8 ball pool circuit.

August 16, 2014


How an Air Mattress Got Me Into 8-ball

8 ball is a sport that doesn’t enjoy the popularity that many mainstream sports such as soccer, football and cricket do. Most people aren’t aware of this game until they stumble upon it by accident. In my case, it was when my buddy asked me for a place to get the best air mattresses one day and I couldn’t help but inquire about his intentions. Upon learning that he was travelling across the country to attend amateur 8 ball tournaments and his subsequent insistence that I accompany him for a while, I was introduced to the most mentally challenging game I had ever played – 8 ball pool. Here are some of the tips I picked up on that fateful trip and the ones that followed, which will definitely help newbies acquaint themselves with this game.

Brain over brawn

The first thing you need to know about pool is that it is at least 80 percent mental activity, and just 20 percent physical execution. Now, most newcomers make the mistake of assuming that the 80% means thinking about the ball getting pocketed, remaining optimistic and calm in tight situations etc. All these things are necessary, but they make up a very small portion of the mental activity required. You must simulate the scenario in your mind, and come up with the easiest paths for the cue ball. Good routes are those with minimum rails, biased towards no english, and favoring topspin or at least topspin to be picked up by the center ball instead of strong draw.

The 8-ball must sink last

Beginners are often bombarded with pieces of advices such as “Take care of the problematic balls in the beginning”, “pick an easy ball to start your run”, “play shape for center of the table and hence, more shots” etc. While these statements are well intentioned, and helpful without doubt, every newcomer should know that it is the 8-ball which is vital for winning the game. You can line up slick shots to pocket the other balls but they will have little worth of their own – at most, they will be worth one point. Basically, if you plan your shot without assigning a pocket and making sure you have good cue ball positioning to sink the 8 ball, it will be a gamble against all odds – you will be playing the shot without any concrete chance of winning.

Get a coach

There is a common misconception that getting a coach to teach you pool is something to be ashamed of. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn from a professional. In fact, most players who have hired coaches have managed to go beyond their own expectations and certainly beyond what they could have achieved on their own. Coaches have usually learnt the game the hard way themselves – travelling across the country to watch and play in tournaments, sleeping in motels, (surfing, like me and my buddy, through air mattress websites e.g. at http://www.mysleepresource.com/) etc. They have picked up many trade secrets along the way and can instruct you in those without you having to go through the whole nine yards of tough learning.

August 14, 2014


How A Female Pool Player Timed Her Pregnancy To Avoid A National Tournament.

If you want to calculate your due date using a birth calculator you have to decide how you want to make the calculation. Most healthcare providers make the calculation by using the first day of the last period that the patient had to make the calculation. The other benchmark date for making the due date calculation is to calculate from the day of conception. However, this option should only be used if there is absolute certainty about the date, and most people really aren’t sure about it, so it is advisable to use the first option. These calculators are available online. So you just select the option as set out above. And then you select the dates. The online calculator will usually have drop down dates that you can conveniently click on. Once you have selected your dates, simply click on the button that reads calculate. The calculation will then be instantly done for you – as easy as that – and then you will know exactly when you will have your baby. That is actually a bit of an overstatement, as you will not have the exact date – nature is always a little unpredictable – but you will have a good estimate of when to expect the birth.

There are tons of reasons why a woman would want to be certain about her due date. That is precisely why these online calculators are so handy. You get to schedule things around your birth so that you are prepared for the arrival of your new child, and also, there may be pressing engagements that you don’t want to clash with your child’s birth. It therefore puts you in a unique position because you have the capability to schedule your diary around this important event in your life. A prime example of this is a case I recently heard of about a professional female pool player who was anxious that her pregnancy and consequent birth of her child would interfere with her ability to enter a pool championship. Timing was a big concern for her as she wanted to give birth to her child in a relaxed and calm environment, and at the same time she wanted to pursue her career in pool. Because these championships are set at specific times, as soon as she learned that she was pregnant she had to calculate the due date of the birth, to determine how her career would be affected. Would she still be able to enter the championship?

It sounds quite bizarre but if you think about it, it is really exactly the same thing as having a regular office job and then having to take maternity leave. If for example you work in a law office or in any other field for that matter, and you know that you are expecting a baby, you will have to determine when you will be able to take off work to give birth and to spend that first few months exclusively with your new child so that you can invest in nurturing and bonding with the infant. In any job, you need to carefully schedule the timing so that you don’t neglect important professional commitments, especially if it means that other people are relying on you to get things done.

August 5, 2014


Best SUVs for Cargo Space and Transporting Sporting Equipment

There are a lot of reasons why you have to prefer SUVs. To begin with, these vehicles are huge enough to accommodate a lot of people. When you are into sports or you are running a business that needs to transport goods from one place to another, then SUVs become even more useful. If you are currently searching for options on what model to buy, here are some of the best SUVs you can choose from:

  • 2013 Chevrolet Suburban. This model is preferred because of its extended wheelbase. This means that it can accommodate heavy luggage and all three rows of seats field with adult passengers. After the third row seat, there is enough space to accommodate huge suitcases, sporting bags, and other heavy items.
  • Chevrolet Traverse. This is an 8-passenger SUV that is capable of holding up to 24.3 cubic feet of gear. The cargo capacity is modified so that it can take more than what it is supposed to. Other than its capacity to hold sporting equipment, it is also aesthetically appealing. It is one of the best models you can find these days in terms of appearance.
  • Ford Explorer. It can accommodate up to 7 passengers at a time. It has the capacity to handle as much as 21 cubic feet of cargo on the backseat. It is also known to be fuel efficient. When you are going to use this SUV to deliver goods and products to far destinations, then you have made the right decision. Visit this website and find out the top 7-Seater SUV in Australia.

There are a lot more options that you can consider when it comes to SUVs. You just have to determine how big the items that you need to be delivered are and how heavy they are. When you have already written down your needs, then you can easily trim down the options. Most of all, don’t forget to buy fuel efficient SUVs. When taking these cargos to longer destinations, these fuel efficient vehicles will be of bigger help. When it comes to the overall cost, just remember that at the end of the day, you can splurge if you think you will get back what you have spent when you can maximize the use of the vehicle. Read about car loan finance reviews by visiting this website.